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Ski Poles

Cross-country ski pole basket Touring For touring skiers Good load-bearing capacity on different snow conditions
Hand strap with trigger protection, a safety system for quick release in case of accidents to help prevent wrist injuries.
SWIX WC DOWNHILL POLES - The Swix WC Downhill poles are the top racing ski pole in 7075 aluminum with downhill bend that meet and exceed needs of modern skiers ERGONOMIC GRIP - Featuring downhill grip, the Swix WC Pro Downhill ski poles are handy to use while wearing gloves thanks to gripped texture of the handles preventing them from slipping STABLE TIP - The tip is made of hardened steel which is harder than rock, so it bites into rock or ice to offer additionally stability SIZE CHOICE - To find the correct ski pole length for you, multiply your body length by 0.7 and round off to the nearest whole number
Redline is a high-performance pole built for speed. The shaft is developed focusing on impact strength, balance, and stiffness. Perfect fit and compatible with DD4 handle High stifness Excellent pendulum properties Fabric - Carbon
Top-of-the-line racing pole in 7075 Aluminum. DD4 handle with the patented Swix ADD Tab system. Racing aluminium pole For competition and freeride Racing and freeride Racing handle with add tab system Recommended use: Competition, recreational skiing.
An uncompromising carbon ski pole where we have focused on optimal balance, pendulum, fracture strength, weight and stiffness. Also used by some ski racers for giant slalom. To avoid cuts in the carbon fibers, we recommend transporting the ski poles separately from skis or in a separate ski pole bag– Swix SW13. To find the correct ski pole length for you, multiply your body length by 0.7. Round off to the nearest whole number. For example: 178 cm x 0.7=124.6 cm. 125 cm will be the most accurate pole length in this example. Elliptical ski pole shaft for minimum air resistance.
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