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Oakley Racing Jacket Fathom LE Sunglasses

Oakley Racing Jacket Fathom LE Sunglasses
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Limited Edition Fathom Racing Jacket Sunglasses

Somewhere between the devil and the deep blue sea, the Oakley Graphics Kitchen cooked up a wickedly original design concept called Fathom. Four premium sunglasses were selected for the eyewear collection, and accents range from the magma orange of deep sea vents to the yellow of corals and the blue of shimmering shallows. It’s a color palette that paints you as a true individual, so no more swimming with the school of uninspired style.

Oakley Switchlock™ interchangeable lens technology lets you adapt your vision quickly with no hassles, and that’s part of what makes Racing Jacket® essential gear for pro athletes. Fathom Racing Jacket® comes with two lens sets: Black Iridium® for bright sun, and Clear for dim environments where you still need protection against wind and impact. The lens jaws are yellow on the Fathom Blue frame, and we included both orange and yellow icons that let you change your look in seconds. A custom Microclear bag is included, and be sure to take advantage of additional optional lenses.