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Salomon XDR 80STC Ski

Salomon XDR 80STC Ski
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The 2020 Salmon XDR 80 remains unchanged this year, and that’s a good thing, especially given all the positive reviews we’ve gotten. They return as a formidable front-side ski with all-mountain capabilities. The Ski has a wood core that keeps it solid and damp underfoot. The end result is that you get a rock-solid ski in the turns, and it’s easy and fun to get them in and out of turns. With a nice, short turn radius of 15 meters at 176 cm length, the skis love to turn. Our testers were pretty consistent with their feedback in this regard, and it’s great to see them refer to it as a “versatile” front side ski, and should not be pigeon-holed as simply a carver, although it does that well, too.
Comes with Salomon Z10 Binding