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$500.00 $799.99 37% Off
Your first trike was tons of fun. Now, you can relive those childhood memories with the Summit trike, a trike made for "big kids." Whether you're hauling kid gear, hitting up the local farmers market, giving Fido a lift, or just looking for more stability, the Summit is here to help you get the job done while having fun. The Summit trike Includes heavy duty full fenders with a spacious rear basket. A wide comfort spring saddle adds to the list plus 24" alloy rims all around with a coaster brake pedal system (pedal backwards to brake), 3 speed, as well as a front linear pull brake with parking lever. 250 lb. capacity, 45 lb. basket limit
$850.00 $1,399.99 39% Off
If riding a regular recumbent is easy and comfortable, then riding a recumbent trike is even better. With the EZ-Tri Classic recumbent trike, the rider gets the comfort and mechanical pedaling advantage along with the stability and confidence a trike brings. Try the EZ-Tri Classic for yourself and discover the wonderful world of recumbent trikes. - Fits riders with an X-Seam of 32 – 48"
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