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Fischer Skis RC4 Race Junior Ski
Fun is the best motivator for training. Which is why this ski with Air Power and Fiber Tech guarantees the best fun! Special glass fiber network with harmonious bending properties. The ski stands out through excellent turning action.
Salomon Lux Jr Ski
The Salomon QST Lux Jr XS skis are a junior freeride options for beginner to intermediate kids who are looking to explore more terrain on the mountain. It has a lightweight profile built for comfort and confidence on any snow condition. The Monocoque construction allows the ski to be durable yet forgiving, while the composite core makes it easy to maneuver. All Terrain Rocker Monocoque Construction Composite Core Corund Topsheet Juniortrak Plate Sold with Salomon C5 Binding
Salomon Race Jr Ski
The S/Race Jr M is a race machine built to provide precision, grip and stability to lighter skiers as they develop race skills. With size-specific flex and interface technology, this is the appropriate race machine for the next generation of champions. Core: Composite Monocoque Corund Top Tip & Tail Protector All Terrain Rocker Sold with Salomon C5 Binding
Fischer Skis Stunner Twin Tip
$249.99 $375.00 33% Off
Ready for your first tricks? This ski makes starting out in park & pipe easier. Twin Tip and the lightweight core which make tricks and handling easier. All prices are with binding price. 121 comes with Fischer FJ4 Binding. 131,141,151 come with Fischer FJ7 Binding.
Fischer Skis Aspire Ski
The Fischer My Aspire Ski System with RS 9 GW Bindings have everything you need, no matter where you are planning on riding them. They're built around an On-Piste ROCKER Profile, which combines the stability of underfoot camber with rockered nose and tail sections that enhance your agility and encourage efficient turn initiation, putting your ski right on edge when you're ready to carve. The included RS 9 GW bindings are versatile too, capable of being set for standard Alpine or high-traction GripWalk boots, meaning you're free to pick the boots that fit you best.
Fischer Skis RC Fire Ski
The Fischer RC Fire Ski System with RS 9 GW Bindings are a little different from your regular all-mountain skis. They still give you versatile performance, with an All Mountain ROCKER Profile that's comfortable carving hardpack or looking for powder on a glades run, and the Sandwich Sidewall Construction balances flex and rebound so you always find the sweet spot when turning. But unlike the competition, the RC Fire Skis come with Air Carbon Ti Laminates, providing a smooth ride and efficient energy transfers, and Razorshape Profiling improves release on soft snow for even better performance on the best weather days.
Salomon QST Max Jr Ski
There's nothing like the right equipment to bring out the best in attitudes and effort, and the Salomon QST Max Jr S Skis + C5 GW Bindings will make all the difference with your kids. Light, maneuverable and built for the long haul (siblings, perhaps?) the QST Max Jr S package will outperform the beater rentals at your local hill and save you the agony of the lineups as well Sold with Salomon L6 Binding
Fischer Skis RC One Jr Ski
From a first-timer to an adventurous upper-intermediate, the Fischer RC One children's skis are a fantastic choice. They are focused on being lightweight and accessible while incorporating enough technology to remain effective as your child's skill progress. Sold with Fischer FJ4 or FJ7 Binding
Fischer Skis RC4 World Cup SL Junior Ski
The professional equipment for youngsters who want to make it as far as world champion. The best technologies from the World Cup ensure best times in competition: fastest turn changes and precise, short Slalom turns make winning child's play! Ready to use immediately without sidewall removal for edge preparation. Sold with Fischer Z9 Binding
Fischer Skis RC4 Speed Jr Ski
Maneuverable junior race ski with a broad range of use. Offers maximum torsional stiffness and top edge grip on ice through its Sidewall Construction. Sold with Fischer Z11 Binding
Salomon XDR 80STC Ski
The 2020 Salmon XDR 80 remains unchanged this year, and that’s a good thing, especially given all the positive reviews we’ve gotten. They return as a formidable front-side ski with all-mountain capabilities. The Ski has a wood core that keeps it solid and damp underfoot. The end result is that you get a rock-solid ski in the turns, and it’s easy and fun to get them in and out of turns. With a nice, short turn radius of 15 meters at 176 cm length, the skis love to turn. Our testers were pretty consistent with their feedback in this regard, and it’s great to see them refer to it as a “versatile” front side ski, and should not be pigeon-holed as simply a carver, although it does that well, too. Comes with Salomon Z10 Binding
Salomon QST 92 Ski w/Warden 11 Binding
More terrain and new experiences. The Salomon QST 92 makes fast arcs on hard snow, shreds zipper bump lines, and even likes a lap or two in the park. Built with C/FX, it delivers lightweight and stability for confidence to try everything. This is a ski for guys looking for an All-Mountain / Piste ski ready to shred both on as off-piste.
Salomon QST Lux 92 Ski
A new tip-to-tail carbon powered C/FX layer takes our supercharged construction to the next level, for increased power and edge grip. Experience confidence-boosting stability thanks to the integration of our exclusive Cork Damplifier technology in the tip and tail. With an all new shape, the QST 92 offers smoother turn initiation and is easier to roll edge to edge especially when making shorter turns. Sold with Salomon Warden Binding
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