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Fischer Skis RC4 Jr Ski
$189.99 $300.00 37% Off
Fun is the best motivator for training. Which is why this ski with Air Power and Fiber Tech guarantees top fun. Maneuverable and lightweight children's ski with ideal flex. The shorter contact length of the ski ensures that turn initiation is easier and requires less effort. Five different types: All Mountain ROCKER, Freeski ROCKER, Tour ROCKER, On Piste ROCKER, Hybrid ROCKER. All junior skis sold with binding. 80,90,100,110,120 Sold with FJ4 130,140,150 Sold with FJ7
Fischer Skis Stunner Twin Tip
$249.99 $375.00 33% Off
Ready for your first tricks? This ski makes starting out in park & pipe easier. Twin Tip and the lightweight core which make tricks and handling easier. All prices are with binding price. 121 comes with Fischer FJ4 Binding. 131,141,151 come with Fischer FJ7 Binding.
Fischer Skis Prodigy
$279.99 $439.99 36% Off
Juniors are a step ahead. To have the edge in park & pipe, quick flips and spins are a must. These are exactly the Prodigy's thing – perfect for either regular or fakie skiing. Also featuring Freeski Rocker.
Fischer Skis Nightstick
$459.99 $779.99 41% Off
The Nightstick is a thoroughbred twin tip. Special Titanal reinforcement makes it robust and virtually indestructible for all slides and jumps. Perfect for shredding and switching, or for kickers and rails. Twin Tip is indispensable for top shredders Its Twin Tip geometry is essential for pros. The symmetrical sidecut of 114-84-114 means the ski works just as well backwards as it does forwards. The Nightstick makes everything your imagination allows to be possible in park & pipe! SW Sidewall for top quality. Besides robustness and fine detailing, the Nightstick also boasts traditional merits: Sandwich Sidewall construction combines the wood core with sidewalls in a classic sandwich design. This is what gives the Nightstick the right rebound on kickers.
Fischer Skis RC4 Superior Pro Ski
$459.99 $1,100.00 58% Off
A Giant Slalom ski for uncompromising skiers. Excellent racing set up with all the race technology benefits. Harmonic turn initiation due to the on piste rocker. Sold with Fischer Z12 Binding
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