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Challenge Grifo XS 700x33 Tubular

Challenge Grifo XS 700x33 Tubular
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The fact remains that the combination of a tubular tire's light weight and low PSI requirement make it a clear favorite for cross. And when it comes to a cross tire that's built specifically for hard, dry courses, we'd argue that none work as well as the Grifo XS 33 Cross Tubular. Its supple casing and innovative tread pattern keeps it at the front of fast, dusty race courses around the world.

The hand-made Grifo XS 33 Cross uses a highly puncture-resistant and lightweight Super Poly casing. With 300 threads per inch, you receive a remarkably supple ride -- and it's a difference that you'll feel the first time out. Additionally, the Grifo tread is hand-glued onto the casing when the casing is already mounted and inflated on a wheel. As a result, the tread isn't put under tension when you inflate the tire on your wheel. This lack of tension leads to lower rolling-resistance, added grip, and increased comfort.

The file tread you see down the middle of the Grifo tire is better suited for dry climates where the early season is filled with hard, sandy courses, and the late season is marked by hard snow and ice. Though the file tread keeps the tires rolling fast, dry courses still require a tire with superb grip for cornering. Evenly spaced knobs lining the sides of the tire add traction where you need it. So, you're able to hold your speed as you maneuver through turns.

The Challenge Grifo XS 33 Cross Tubular Tire is available in a 700c x 33mm size and in the color Black/tan. Each tire weighs in around 415 grams. Please note that Challenge gave this tire a latex inner tube to save as much weight and roll as fast as possible. Because latex is more porous than butyl rubber, you'll have to pump up a bit before your rides.

Part Numbers

8855627108040 CHA26548116E